Mama R. leaving after the burial.




SF SOTA Concert May 10, 2014.

Gesualdo, O Dolorosa Gioia, Book 5, Motet 5

CPE Bach, Sinfonie 5 in b minor, Allegretto – Larghetto – Presto

Shostakovich, Symphony 5, II Allegretto


annual piano

This year Chenga made one too! I love the pedals.. such an improvement over last year’s piano.

Indian Fest

birds & bonfire

Halloween festival at Green Lakes State Park.
Blue Jay and Cardinal at the house. Cardinals seem more shy and move faster than Jays; more difficult to photograph.

Dad’s birthday

To Southern California

Drove south, stopped at a Scandinavian Festival at California Lutheran U., on the way, saw Abba Girlz (Abba tribute band). Warm Southern California weather. Watched as the 1300th whale sighting of the season was marked on the Cetacean Society’s scoreboard!

spring concert

Pre-concert portrait photo. – First year in high school – ninth grade. One peg had broken on the cello; it has since been fixed.

Chapter One – by Carold Nunez

Suite for Strings – by Robert Washburn
I – Little March (starts at 1:07)
II – Song (starts at 3:21)
III – Scherzo (starts at 6:45 – Aaron’s favorite part)
IV – Finale (starts at 8:34)

clear story

Temporary installation in Palo Alto: Bottle house, called Clear Story.
(Also photographed a pair of mourning doves in the morning.)
The Palo Alto event: Super Happy Block Party.

Tibet vigil

Ithaca Namgyal Monastery- WorldWide Mass Solidarity Vigil for Tibetans in Tibet.


Testing a new Canon PowerShot SX40 HS bridge camera:

Locally grown cantaloupe & pumpkin in Syracuse. Ithaca – downtown, also stood in line at the Friends of the library autumn book sale.

Dhiki and I identified the Japanese Flowering Dogwood tree by the house and made Turkish coffee = success.

oneida lake

Beautiful sunset at Borio’s – weekend of the Cicero High School Class of 76 reunion.

jazz concert & party

110701_4357110701_4353110701_4375Here are photos from a small momo party, celebrating Dhiki’s return from the mountains and of Aaron’s jazz class concert. Fun Fun. Photos at left showing the new plants in the front of the house, including two rhododendron bushes.

Congratulations, Chenga!

110623_4187Ithaca High School graduation: Class of 2011.

– It was very hot, especially in the gym.

Middle School Graduation

110616_3994Middle School Graduation. There are about 300 kids in 8th grade in this school. Each student got a rose, and it was suggested they give it to their favorite teacher or mentor. Aaron gave his to his English teacher – she had a whole bouquet after a few minutes.

Maker’s Faire

110522_0200Cats stay at home while we went to Maker’s Faire and saw bikes! Solar powered tandem = a great idea! We saw a bike powered concert. Maker Faire was so crowded though, for good reasons..

NAMM day 2

110116_0814 NAMM day 2. At left is a 5-string electric viola da gamba. I’m not so sure about that whole concept.

Ned Steinberger has a new really nice electric cello. Those two black string instruments are carbon fiber guitar and ukulele. Aaron is going wild on a travel ukulele, and check out the nifty “ukedelic” pineapple ukulele.


And a visit to our old haunts in Laguna Beach. Zinc cafe. The sunset photo I shot blind with one hand while driving. It was so crowded there. I don’t miss that.



NAMM = National Association of Music Merchants – Annual meeting in Anaheim CA.
So many new toys. So much noise. So many people. Too many people.
Highlights: Zoe Keating avant cello 8am show opening with her song, “Escape Artist”.



charlie_chaplin101031_9643 So much fun. Aaron’s buddy had the best costume – Charlie Chaplan! Aaron was a pirate thief – a last minute costume.

We walked a surprising amount. Some of the houses are just amazingly decorated. It was pretty wild. There was a disco car out also, with lights, and sound.


Ren Faire

091017_4164Near Gilroy, there is a Renaissance Faire every year.

Aaron had been looking forward to this for months. He got a great impromptu fencing lesson from this gentleman. We saw a macaw performance, juggling, and a man playing a hurdy gurdy. (Thanks Steph for the handy link!)

Gilroy, for those who haven’t been there, is the “garlic capital of the world“. Just driving through town will fill up the car with garlic smell. We should have stopped at a stand to get some.


091010_4008 Stanford Splash Day – middle/high school kids get a chance to attend some mini classes.

Aaron took a class in 4D Hypercubes, Make your own Musical Instrument, and one on Mobius Strips, so far.

They had set up a Parents’ Lounge, with free wifi and coffee. I really appreciated that especially since this was Aaron’s first time at Splash, and he could easily find me if he needed.

And we saw a skipper butterfly with interesting wings.



Note: I’ve added some photos into the slideshow from the second day as well.


The second day was much easier, because we both knew our way around better, and also knew a bit more what to expect.

Aaron didn’t get much out of Nuclear Fusion class but Juggling and Giant Origami were fun. He stayed an extra hour or so talking with a new friend.

Splash Days happen 2x a year at Stanford (next one is in April) and also at MIT and a few others including my old school: Courant Institute, NYU. The whole thing is run by Learning Unlimited.


Trumansburg, NY has a yearly mini-Woodstock music festival called Grassroots. We wanted to see Alash Ensemble who came all the way from Tuva. They did a fantastic performance complete with explanations of the types of throat singing and instruments.

The percussion instrument that looks like a gourd, that the fellow on the left is holding in one photo (# 3 / 13), was explained to be the dried scrotum of a bull. There is a sheep’s knuckle inside making noise when shaken. Another percussion instrument we saw was a pair of sheep hooves. The songs’ rhythms often reflect the sounds of horse riding.

Here’s someone’s recording of this concert – found it here.

Maker Faire 2009

This is such an inspiring event. We always see some friends from homeschooler groups. Maker Faire Organ played sounds from ambient noise.

There apparently was an amazing coke & mentos performance that we didn’t see.

A wild recycling project –

And serious Lego projects, of course

Yes this is a giant virus. Don’t get too close.

banana piano

What to do with an old VCR – make it into a timed cat feeder:

This was a sort of stereo imaging thing. Need to wear glasses to get the 3D effect.

A 12-string string-less cello – only a sample single non-string cello was demo-ed.

People were pushing this sculpture around in a circle..

Cupcake parking! – There are wheels underneath, and a person sits inside each cupcake to drive it around. One person per cupcake.