Every year we try to take at least one good pre-concert portrait.

Here are some old ones:
Nov 2007
April 2007
Nov 2006



Finally got a little snow. Time to get out the skis!

scarf weather

water test

Another beautiful run at Green Lakes- rain, then sun. Girls were testing chlorophyll levels for a school project. Camera: Chenga’s little Canon on AUTO – some of these are her shots.


Airport trip = excuse to visit Seneca Wetlands Nature Preserve and Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The burros live at Ventosa Vineyards, Geneva.

old clothing

Cleaning out and trying on old clothing from the 60’s and 70’s. Sometimes I can’t believe we actually wore some of those dresses.

Dad’s birthday


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To Southern California

Drove south, stopped at a Scandinavian Festival at California Lutheran U., on the way, saw Abba Girlz (Abba tribute band). Warm Southern California weather. Watched as the 1300th whale sighting of the season was marked on the Cetacean Society’s scoreboard!


needs (more) grooming:


55 years

Today is Mom & Dad’s anniversary party. Also here are photos of the lily plant, Japanese Maple after the rain, and Dhiki trying out Mike’s new bike.


july third

Hot weather walk at Beaver Lake. Afterwards we picked strawberries, at nearly the end of season..

Birthday party for Dan, in absentia. By chance, we made a red, white, and blue cake; fitting for tomorrow’s holiday too.


Walk at Ornithology. Lots of mosquitos and a visit to Andy Goldsworthy’s cairn, which I have photographed several times, but never with a ukulele.

More fun with sparklers:


Congratulations, Chenga!

110623_4187Ithaca High School graduation: Class of 2011.

– It was very hot, especially in the gym.

Esa & the big dogs

110618_4011110618_4032Esa introduced us to his pets. These Great Danes are so soft and sweet. And they are so so big.

Danny’s girl

110618_4087– quick visit in Atlanta. Aaron saved his old violin for Jo. She’s taking a gymnastics class this summer.

mother goose

There is a goose on a nest near a little pond, at Mike’s property. We found one egg already stolen and eaten nearby. (The penny was placed on it for size reference.)


The new kitten is almost over his cold.


Mom’s house

Earth Day: warm day also; we planted the rhododendron & other plants outside finally. It snowed briefly earlier this week but this week it should be in the 70’s and then it will be May so maybe the little tomatoes will be safe from frost. Paul is planting Ethiopian teff.


ornithology trails

A visit to one of Andy Goldsworthy’s cairns.
The interesting green and red water plant reminded us of the one in the Little Shop of Horrors movie. Pretty sure it is Eastern Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus). Next time I will break a leaf and sniff it.


110420_2815110420_2837110420_2840Drove past Taughannock Park, stopped to see the Falls, and then up between Cayuga and Seneca Finger Lakes – an Amish area.


NY rain

110415_2720 110417_2769 Rain in Syracuse.

At left is a photo of one of Mom’s mice, and Dhiki’s hair barrette – that is a print of her eyes. It will be very funny when she sits in front of someone in class.

Went with the girls to visit Buffalo State College.