On Cornell’s Beebe Lake

more rowing

rowing class – day 1

July already

Can’t believe it is already July.
The hat was purchased from the estate of Charles Walton, father of the RFID. His house is up the hill from us, and from the look of it, I bet he would have been a very interesting person to know.

We need to go to the high school pool more. It’s such an appetite improver.


swimming = pure summer fun

090807_09s We’ve discovered the local high school pool’s daily open-swim time. It’s full of day-camp little kids but they don’t take up too much lane or diving space. They mainly stick to the shallow area or play Pokemon on the bleachers.

A couple of days like this and everything tastes better.

After Wednesday’s swim and a big lunch following that, Aaron spent over an hour drawing manga cartoons by the fountain, outside the library.

Aaron’s swimming has improved significantly. He even dared to go off the high dive today. I didn’t.