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chasing the moon

The Super Moon is ever so slightly bigger from our viewpoint, but also it is up at dusk, so the goal was to try to get a nice reflective water shot with the moon. But we were kicked out of parks at dusk, along with many other tripod-carrying moon-chasers. These photos are from two evenings of moon-chasing: Alviso and Horseshoe Lake Open Space Preserve.

Alviso birds

Not as muddy as last time, and sunny and hot by 2. I made it twice around, about 18 miles or so. Here’s my bike ride.
My favorite is number 14. What a face! (Camera = Canon Powershot SX40HS)
Birds: black-necked stilts, turkey vultures, ducks, seagulls, snowy & great egrets, blue herons, pelicans, sandpipers.. I’m not sure what those two are, with the curved beaks, flying, in photo number 4. (Curlew? Whimbrel? Ibis?)

muddy mud flats

Bike ride at Alviso mudflats again. It’s muddy in spots after the rains. Lots of bugs, birds.. Anhinga, egrets, herons, ducks, seagulls, little water birds. Lots to see there. Photos taken with the little Panasonic Lumix.

camera test at Alviso

Here I am comparing the small Panasonic Lumix 10x DMC-T25 camera, with the newer Canon PowerShot sx30IS bridge SLR with the 35x zoom. What I am looking for here, is something that I can take with me easily on a bike ride, or skiing. The Canon is a lot bigger, but that zoom lens is soo enticing. – Unfortunately the Canon’s macro and the manual focus seem unusable to me. The dial is overloaded with functions and it’s fumbly to use. I find the Panasonic’s macro surprisingly useful, in comparison, especially for such a small camera.

OK. Colors first. Here’s my bike ride: Alviso salt flats – I went around the blue path twice, 2 x 9 miles = 18 miles. (Not much compared to my last ride with Danny!)

The Panasonic on the left, Canon on the right:

It was hot and somewhat hazy out. I found the ghost town in the distance with the zoom, but the heat haze is clearly visible. I learned that snowy egrets are very difficult to sneak up on, and herons are a lot more relaxed. Those big white pelicans are so cool and they know it.

OK. Well here’s the rest. The ones with ‘p’ in the filenames are from the Panasonic. There are only 2 of those that I chose for this slideshow.

Well. I really like the zoom and it’s OK for a bike ride, but… it isn’t good enough to be my only camera on a trip. And it’s too big to carry along with a real SLR. In that case, I should continue to look, maybe into the MFTs..