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First ski trip of the season! Cold today too – 16F or so. Short but beautiful; just West Trail cutoff and back.




I wish they were yaks, but I don’t think so. Not in Tully.



ski while you can

for tomorrow it rains again. (Highland Forest, #3)


130105_8669Time to ski.



finally snow

Finally some snow! But only a few inches and it will melt tomorrow.
The first 3 photos are at Mom’s house, then the rest are taken at Highland Forest..


110314_1966We did a quick ski trip at Highland Forest. It’s probably our last ski trip this season. It was a little icy but not bad at all.

Those are mice made from radishes. They were tasty.

The card game was in Ithaca, (after math homework.)


Highland Forest

110129_1154Super fun day at Highland Forest with friends and family. Dan has a cast on his left hand because of wrist fractures and he skied with only one pole. We did 10 miles or so, with a wine & cheese break at lunch. Thanks Todd!


highland forest

100109_5343Chenga and I followed Danny to Highland Forest for a quick Xcountry ski outing. There had been a big snowfall the night before and all the trees were white. It was so lovely but very cold. If it were warmer I would have taken more photos.

Dan did the extra long trail with a friend. We never saw him there. It was very cold and I found I need better gloves and boots.

Chenga and I did the Northern View trail twice, with a cappuccino by the fire in between. Babs found us and we skied with her to the trail junction. I love this place.

The horse-drawn sleigh ride made for a great photo, and I was happy to be skiing instead of sitting in the hay. The people were smiling but I bet they were freezing on such a cold day.

A season trail pass costs 15$ which is the same as 5 individual day tickets. Chenga rented skis there ($15 for the day). Karhu NNN type. I want to go back and ski more!