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chasing the moon

The Super Moon is ever so slightly bigger from our viewpoint, but also it is up at dusk, so the goal was to try to get a nice reflective water shot with the moon. But we were kicked out of parks at dusk, along with many other tripod-carrying moon-chasers. These photos are from two evenings of moon-chasing: Alviso and Horseshoe Lake Open Space Preserve.

Horseshoe Lake at dusk

We’ve been there a couple of times before. The coots were having little races on the water.


hikes in northern california

091126_4691 Here are photos from a couple of nice weekend hikes.

First, here’s a new moose we found in town. Not sure why he is there, but it is interesting. He is not anywhere close to life-size.

We found a trail near Sanborn Park, Saratoga, CA that led to a small lake. We found one of those native newts that are toxic if eaten. It’s a
Taricha torosa torosa – Coast Range Newt, on his way to the water. The photo with a hand is included to get a sense of scale. He isn’t a little tiny salamander, but pretty substantial.



And we revisited Horseshoe Lake, in between rains.

I tried an ND8 filter, and long exposures, but didn’t get quite the effects that I wanted. The left side of this photo is taken at a shorter exposure than the right side, and you can see that clearly in the water. It’s because of a low battery. I was lucky to get the left side of the photo at all. Apparently the long exposures use up the battery at a high rate. I’ll have to try this all over again.

Horseshoe Lake

We did a short easy hike in the Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve with a group, around Horseshoe Lake. The lake is named because of its shape.

We saw

  • brown teasel plants that were used as hairbrushes or to card wool,
  • a white flower that smelled like maple syrup and we were told was called ‘Everlasting’.
  • deer paths,
  • poison oak,
  • what I think is lace lichen on the trees,
  • a blue damselfly,

and on the way back we stopped at the legendary Alice’s restaurant but it was too full.