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Joe’s almost done with this hospital stay and will be back home any day. It’s been tough for him. But now it’s all about recovery and regaining strength.

Meanwhile Aaron and I visit the ducks on the way home from the hospital. This day we saw that the girls had taken over The Boys’ Club – the little cove where the boy mallards usually hang out. We also saw a family of geese swim by, which is a little unusual there – they prefer the bigger water areas usually.

Walk, walk, walk. Helps get the digestive system going again.


Sunday was slightly better than Saturday or Friday.

Friday was Leo’s funeral, and Joe’s CTscan. Once the doctors got a look at that, they recommended that he go straight to the hospital and check in. Saturday morning was his operation, which turned out to be more traumatic than we had hoped.  So Sunday was actually an improvement, although it was all still very worrying.

Perhaps finding a jumping spider is a sign of good luck. This one greeted me in the kitchen and was very happy to have a portrait session and be released outside in the begonia. I’m pretty sure this is a female, after reading a few very interesting articles about jumping spiders. Isn’t she a cutie?

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And going to the live jazz session nearby, while Joe slept, also helped us worry a little less.