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waterfall in winter

Well, it’s supposed to be winter.


Playing with long exposure, HDR, effects. I should have photographed this at dusk. The little bits of frozen ice within the flowing water make a nice contrast of hardness and softness.
It’s too warm here for February; the buds are out and green algae is in the water. (And that’s Swiffer the cat.)

The last three photos were taken at dusk at Green Lakes SP, Syr, after a nice run there. There isn’t much ice and there is no snow. Maybe tomorrow it will snow.

Tibet vigil

Ithaca Namgyal Monastery- WorldWide Mass Solidarity Vigil for Tibetans in Tibet.

sunset in ithaca

taken near Triphammer Mall.

Lime Hollow

Breakfast with the girls and then Lime Hollow Trails. Met a fellow training his juvenile red tailed hawk.

more old railway beds

Gorgeous weather today = bike ride. East Ithaca Recreation Way: We followed the old railway trail (tracks go through the Cornell High Voltage Labs!)

Found the MacDaniel’s Nut Grove and a lot of boxelder bugs there. It’s 5 acres of non-timber forest crops – very interesting grafted trees and plants growing, including raspberries, paw paw trees, shitake, oyster and other mushrooms, ginseng, goldenseal…

sunset in Freeville

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather. Beautiful sunset tonight.

old railbed

A morning walk on an old railbed.


Testing a new Canon PowerShot SX40 HS bridge camera:

Locally grown cantaloupe & pumpkin in Syracuse. Ithaca – downtown, also stood in line at the Friends of the library autumn book sale.

Dhiki and I identified the Japanese Flowering Dogwood tree by the house and made Turkish coffee = success.


morning wildlife

The baby bird probably fell out of its nest. I found this on my morning run. 🙁
The raccoon was relocated away from the urban areas, to a more rural home.

flat rocks

What to do in the hot weather. Catch crayfish and bring them to the home pond.

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skunk relocation


after the capture, getting the skunk into the van.


transporting a skunk


skunk release into the wild



On Cornell’s Beebe Lake

more rowing

rowing class – day 1

summer reading

A sparrow sat on top of an art sculpture of a bird, in the Commons, Ithaca.

This has got to be one of the biggest jumping spiders I’ve seen!


110705_4648An evening walk/ride at Plantations.

We found an Andy Goldsworthy Holocaust memorial – the large boulders with oaks growing out of them.

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jazz concert & party

110701_4357110701_4353110701_4375Here are photos from a small momo party, celebrating Dhiki’s return from the mountains and of Aaron’s jazz class concert. Fun Fun. Photos at left showing the new plants in the front of the house, including two rhododendron bushes.

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Walk at Ornithology. Lots of mosquitos and a visit to Andy Goldsworthy’s cairn, which I have photographed several times, but never with a ukulele.

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More fun with sparklers:

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110625_112244Ray Troll, one of my long-time favorite artists, visits Ithaca and gave a little art class at the Museum.
Ten years ago, before the current building was built, we visited the Museum of Paleontology in Ithaca. 110625_4248 It’s interesting to see some of the same exhibits displayed in different ways. I still don’t understand how the saber tooth cat closed his mouth. He must have been a big drooler.

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Congratulations, Chenga!

110623_4187Ithaca High School graduation: Class of 2011.

– It was very hot, especially in the gym.

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mother goose

There is a goose on a nest near a little pond, at Mike’s property. We found one egg already stolen and eaten nearby. (The penny was placed on it for size reference.)

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The new kitten is almost over his cold.

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