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ornithology trails

A visit to one of Andy Goldsworthy’s cairns.
The interesting green and red water plant reminded us of the one in the Little Shop of Horrors movie. Pretty sure it is Eastern Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus). Next time I will break a leaf and sniff it.


110420_2815110420_2837110420_2840Drove past Taughannock Park, stopped to see the Falls, and then up between Cayuga and Seneca Finger Lakes – an Amish area.



110315_2025Beautiful ice in the waterfall and trees this morning. A big tree trunk has fallen in the waterfall.

I took a fast shot and a slow shot of the waterfall – can’t resist those slow waterfall photos!



110314_1966We did a quick ski trip at Highland Forest. It’s probably our last ski trip this season. It was a little icy but not bad at all.

Those are mice made from radishes. They were tasty.

The card game was in Ithaca, (after math homework.)


ithaca & cortland

110128_1070110128_1095That kitten has grown! He was using his paw to drink milk from my cup.

and a visit to the Blue Frog Cafe, Cortland.






100729_8120Mike found 5 kittens in his woodshop, just a few weeks old, who were probably about 3 days without their mom. The mother was a stray that he’d seen before. He found her by the road, apparently run over while looking for food. The runt of the litter was the one that was meowing the loudest and alerted Mike. But now he is breathing through the mouth and isn’t taking much formula. I don’t know if he’ll survive.
The photo on the left is how they looked when they arrived. They smelled pretty bad too. Mike pulled out a maggot from the chest of one. We spent a day cleaning and feeding them. They drank kitten formula almost nonstop all day, interrupted only by a few short catnaps. By the afternoon, four were fat, fluffy, and purring. We’re hoping the sick one survives. They are now on their way to the vet and Ithaca SPCA.


food chain

The baby mouse had nothing to do with Mom’s Pushkin cat (this one is Kirre). This mouse was destined to be dinner for baby pet pythons.


Breakfast at Ithaca Bagel. Dhiki is studying Italian. Chenga is on her way to work.


Treman State Park


Here are photos from a day trip up and down the trails at Treman State Park.
First photo is of a mother and baby turkeys that I chased a bit.
At the park there were lots of millipedes. Millipedes have 2 pairs of legs per segment (after the first couple segments), unlike centipedes, which only have one pair of legs per segment. Wikipedia says common millipedes have between 36 and 400 legs. Maybe they don’t belong in the metric system.
I was playing around with shutter speed on the waterfall photos. Some are taken at high speeds (up to 1/8000 sec) and some at slow speeds (1/8 sec or so).


beaver lodge

100622_7523Here are some photos of our trip out to see the beaver lodge and the dam.

Chenga was a little apprehensive about joining us in the boat and she stayed behind. Maybe 3 people in the boat was safer than 4, at least that was her excuse.

The algae and plants were thick initially, and then once we got out past that it was easier to row.

(Yeah, one photo is ‘photoshopped’. See if you can spot it.)


A visit to the Museum of the Earth, and then to pick strawberries. (The photo gallery sortorder is not working properly.. I’ll have to play with that.)


For future reference:


nature studies at Mike’s


There are two (live) red-wing blackbird babies in the mailbox, and a couple more in a nest by the little pond. I’m sure there are many more nests in the grasses, but these are the ones that I saw.

We found a painted box turtle in the field. It is a male, Mike said, and he carried it to the little pond, where there are others.

There is a pick-your-own strawberry farm very close by. It has the best strawberries.



Ithaca College has a wonderful annual cello event. The workshops and concerts were amazing. This is a class on an improvisation sign language.



Incredible talent there.

At left, Aaron is playing an electric 5-string cello.

Also the acoustics of the glass tunnel were lovely!


Mike’s new property

I love this photo of Mike showing us his land. The place has so much potential, and wildlife. (Mike – I also took some inventory photos for you!)


We drove to NYC, and this is what our room at the Paramount hotel looked like. It was redesigned by Phillipe Starck.


Mike’s place

Two pairs of geese, lots of red-wing blackbirds, and that was what we saw from the driveway. In the back there is a magnificent beaver dam and pond full of wildlife.


100415_6096 Family photos taken in Syracuse, Cortland, and Ithaca. Here’s one of the Pixel Lounge in Ithaca, where we saw a few Ignite talks.


Aaron did a ‘shadow day’ at the middle school in Ithaca. He followed another 7th grader to their classes, to see what it was like. He seemed to like it, especially lunchtime. Apparently several kids were sent to the principal for pushing, in order to better see Aaron’s Rubik cube skills.


This is a trap. The white parts are off-limits for petting.

Ikit the cat

Ikit the cat

Ithaca museums

This photo (composite) is taken in front of the Museum of the Earth. Unfortunately it was closed for the holidays (even though it was supposed to be open according to their website.)


Here’s our wee-planet version of it!


Since it was closed, we headed to the ScienCenter. There was an infrared camera and we discovered that Dhiki has very good insulation, and I don’t. See my cold nose and hands. (See left image below.)
Interestingly, Aaron also had a cold nose. He had warmed it up a bit before we took the photo on the right. Must be defective genes. Sorry, Aaron.



A few inches of snow fell last night and surprised us this morning! Mike surprised Aaron with a snowball. Aaron had such a happy expression when he first looked out the window.


This afternoon we had a wonderful walk in the trails at the ornithology center.

Chenga models the new mittens I knit for her for Christmas.

Aaron and I played with a couple of the images with some mathmap software, for fun.

apple picking

090909_3578s In Newfield, NY, maybe 15 min south of Ithaca, there is a great orchard called LittleTree Orchards.

We picked nearly 1/2 bushel of apples, and made 4 pies with many apples left over. I’ll have to remember this place for next year!

I would have photographed the pies, but they disappeared too quickly.



This was taken at the waterfall near the middle and high schools in Ithaca. It’s a short walk, uphill, to the house.

Not a bad walk, actually, but I am not sure how it would be in the winter. Might be fun to ski down though!

Mike made a delicious pizza – really quickly! I don’t know what Aaron is really doing in the photo but it looks funny. He says he was trying to look like he was helping, even though he really was only interested in nibbling some cheese. To me it looks like he is trying to levitate the pepperoni slices off the pizza.

Yes, I did add a sparkle filter to one of the water photos. Like it? I did it with the Gimp software; it has a bad name, but is good software at an even better price (free).

beavers & Tinker Falls


This is Mike’s future residence / workplace. It’s a wonderful area, especially for beaver dam viewing. We saw all sorts of birds, a fish skeleton, and very exciting evidence of beavers on the tree stumps.

We drove to Tully, met Dan, and went on a long four hour hike to Tinker Falls.

In the middle of the hike was, I think, the highest vista-point that I’ve seen near Syracuse.

Taughannock Falls

Mike picked us up from Grassroots Music festival in Trumansburg and drove us to Taughannock Falls. Wow.

We visited the upper falls first, (I think) from the Falls Rd. parking lot. We had an amazing view from an old railroad bridge that was a very short walk from the parking lot.



This is the view from the bridge on one side. This view is of the upper falls from the South Rim trail.

And below is the view on the other side. It’s really hard to capture without a big wide-angle lens.


Here’s some more photos from the same location.

And below are pictures from the Gorge Trail, which led to the bottom of the falls.

There was a parking fee of 6 or 7 dollars, and then an easy and interesting walk.

Mike found a deer jaw bone. I wonder if the deer died by mistakenly falling off the cliff. His teeth looked great, still pointy, and only one was loose.

Evening treat = a great dinner cooked by Mike, and Aaron gets a soda called Kitty Piddle.


Trumansburg, NY has a yearly mini-Woodstock music festival called Grassroots. We wanted to see Alash Ensemble who came all the way from Tuva. They did a fantastic performance complete with explanations of the types of throat singing and instruments.

The percussion instrument that looks like a gourd, that the fellow on the left is holding in one photo (# 3 / 13), was explained to be the dried scrotum of a bull. There is a sheep’s knuckle inside making noise when shaken. Another percussion instrument we saw was a pair of sheep hooves. The songs’ rhythms often reflect the sounds of horse riding.

Here’s someone’s recording of this concert – found it here.

nature finds in Ithaca

A few photos of Mike’s nature finds (a flattened decayed mouse, and a recently deceased titmouse) and also the girls modeling my knitting. I’m playing around with photo galleries in this post. Click twice on a photo to get it to the largest size.