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from the air

The first photo is of Atlanta, and most of the others are taken over the Los Angeles Southern CA area. The last photo of the boat in the lake was taken somewhere south of San Jose, Northern CA.


driving day

110117_0876Left: Catalina Island in the morning. Today we’re visiting in S CA, and mostly driving back north. Fun playing with HDR (high dynamic range) effects and going a little overboard with it.. [Details: Gimp has a function to mimic HDR, under Colors, called Retinex.. Lowered the contrast first by overlaying a blurred de-saturated inverted copy..]
Interesting lighting in the restaurant. (The 6.5 hour drive was not nearly as interesting.)

The tree photo is silhouetted, and background replaced with a nice gradient. To get this shot, I waited till a little boy came and scared the birds.


NAMM day 2

110116_0814 NAMM day 2. At left is a 5-string electric viola da gamba. I’m not so sure about that whole concept.

Ned Steinberger has a new really nice electric cello. Those two black string instruments are carbon fiber guitar and ukulele. Aaron is going wild on a travel ukulele, and check out the nifty “ukedelic” pineapple ukulele.


And a visit to our old haunts in Laguna Beach. Zinc cafe. The sunset photo I shot blind with one hand while driving. It was so crowded there. I don’t miss that.



NAMM = National Association of Music Merchants – Annual meeting in Anaheim CA.
So many new toys. So much noise. So many people. Too many people.
Highlights: Zoe Keating avant cello 8am show opening with her song, “Escape Artist”.