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Maker’s Faire

110522_0200Cats stay at home while we went to Maker’s Faire and saw bikes! Solar powered tandem = a great idea! We saw a bike powered concert. Maker Faire was so crowded though, for good reasons..

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110410_2485Stanford CCRMA sponsored a party of DIY Music instruments Lots of people who also exhibit in Makers’ Faire were here.

Particularly interesting were

  • · Hydrophonium – hydrophone – water microphones – in glass bottles, tuned with filters. Danishta Rivero
  • · wooden e-cello – Andrew Alexander
  • · gourds and traditional instruments from other countries
  • · giant theremin – Charles Gadeken’s Aperion

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A walk in the park afterwards – the blue herons are nesting.

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Maker Faire 2009

This is such an inspiring event. We always see some friends from homeschooler groups. Maker Faire Organ played sounds from ambient noise.

There apparently was an amazing coke & mentos performance that we didn’t see.

A wild recycling project –

And serious Lego projects, of course

Yes this is a giant virus. Don’t get too close.

banana piano

What to do with an old VCR – make it into a timed cat feeder:

This was a sort of stereo imaging thing. Need to wear glasses to get the 3D effect.

A 12-string string-less cello – only a sample single non-string cello was demo-ed.

People were pushing this sculpture around in a circle..

Cupcake parking! – There are wheels underneath, and a person sits inside each cupcake to drive it around. One person per cupcake.