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chasing the moon

The Super Moon is ever so slightly bigger from our viewpoint, but also it is up at dusk, so the goal was to try to get a nice reflective water shot with the moon. But we were kicked out of parks at dusk, along with many other tripod-carrying moon-chasers. These photos are from two evenings of moon-chasing: Alviso and Horseshoe Lake Open Space Preserve.

long exposures

Clark Reservation & Fiddler’s Green, both Jamesville, NY.

still nearly full

cubes and round things

101024_133842101024_155849101024_170741 We went to a speedcubing competition at UC Berkeley. Aaron did a little better. He is steadily improving his times.

It’s great to visit UC Berkeley and check out the bookstore again. But don’t leave your bike unattended there.

I’m still working on moon shots. I like the crater shadows on the edge.


waning moon

Taken from the porch again. 300mm, 1/6 second, f16, tripod.
Moonrise over Silicon Valley.

full moon

300mm lens, 1/125 sec, f 29. self-timer, tripod. I wonder if I could get the focus any better.

Yes, I edited this one just a little bit: