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mystery plant

I’m trying to figure out what this mystery plant is. It’s in a clearing near the trailhead of St Joseph’s Hill in Los Gatos. There were a few of these big bushes. I suspect it’s ‘jimson weed’ or ‘loco weed’, Datura stramonium. Yikes. I wonder if it was planted intentionally.
Note: Photos 1-4 were taken with the phone camera, in the evening. I went back there a few days later in the afternoon to take photos 5-10 with the Canon 20D, just to get some better shots and closeups.

volcano exploration

090620_002 Aaron suspects that this hill/mountain might just be an inactive volcano.

So we decided to climb it and check out the rocks near the top. There are a set of trails that run around and up. We seemed to have picked one of the hottest days, and it was about noon. Bringing hats, sunscreen, and lots of water helped, especially when we got lost. We found lots of what looked like jade rock.

The lake in the view below is Lexington Reservoir.

The hike took us about 3 hours.

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