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110410_2485Stanford CCRMA sponsored a party of DIY Music instruments Lots of people who also exhibit in Makers’ Faire were here.

Particularly interesting were

  • · Hydrophonium – hydrophone – water microphones – in glass bottles, tuned with filters. Danishta Rivero
  • · wooden e-cello – Andrew Alexander
  • · gourds and traditional instruments from other countries
  • · giant theremin – Charles Gadeken’s Aperion


A walk in the park afterwards – the blue herons are nesting.


Cantor Arts Center

110225_1673Quick visit to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. At left is a cast bronze (from wood) horse sculpture by Deborah Butterfield. I was sure it was made of driftwood! I think we’ve seen this before in the San Jose airport.
I took photos of some of the pieces that I want to look at more closely..


110225_1669 110225_1668


And we found a wonderful sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy. Aaron will remember this particular sculpture well..



091010_4008 Stanford Splash Day – middle/high school kids get a chance to attend some mini classes.

Aaron took a class in 4D Hypercubes, Make your own Musical Instrument, and one on Mobius Strips, so far.

They had set up a Parents’ Lounge, with free wifi and coffee. I really appreciated that especially since this was Aaron’s first time at Splash, and he could easily find me if he needed.

And we saw a skipper butterfly with interesting wings.



Note: I’ve added some photos into the slideshow from the second day as well.


The second day was much easier, because we both knew our way around better, and also knew a bit more what to expect.

Aaron didn’t get much out of Nuclear Fusion class but Juggling and Giant Origami were fun. He stayed an extra hour or so talking with a new friend.

Splash Days happen 2x a year at Stanford (next one is in April) and also at MIT and a few others including my old school: Courant Institute, NYU. The whole thing is run by Learning Unlimited.