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A brief moment of red.

another sunrise

It might rain today, finally. I believe this month has been the most dry December on record in this area.

up early

Probably I should be checking the stock market instead.




November flowers

101105_8740101105_8757We’ve had some rain, and so we have flowers. I planted some purple salvia and we’ll see if the deer like to eat it. The hummingbirds and bees like it.

The tree with the red berries is the Pacific Madrone below our porch. The clouds photo is taken this morning at sunrise, after 7am.

The 5-petal blue flowers are some of many in a huge bush outside our front door. Wow, I just read that that type of plant is originally from South Africa. How did it get here..and why is it in the category of carnivorous plants?


sunrise & ducks

101029_093526We got a beautiful sunrise, and I got a chance to visit the local ducks today, before the rains started again.

These two sunrise shots were taken from the porch, with a tripod, about 7am. I cleaned up a few dust spots – time to clean the lenses. The photos show the east part of the valley, east of San Jose. The first shows Vasona Resevoir in the lower left center. That’s where our duck friends live.

The duck photos are taken with the Droid camera, which isn’t perfect, but much easier to deal with while on a jog. Check out the water swirls in the photo on the left (click it to enlarge.)