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Donner Lake again

110222_0380110222_0386More Donner Lake State Park skiing. There is a little museum there with an old butterfly collection, along with all the Donner Party expedition history.
And we got a personal tour of one of the abandoned railway tunnels made in the mid 1800’s.
There was so much snow. It’s amazing that architects seem to forget about that when designing the roof slope. This forestry service house has its front door in the center, under all that snow..


The tunnels were blasted through rock and then are visible as walls on the sides of the mountain. This was the first trans-continental railway. Here is what it looks like from a distance. See the horizontal wall line.

Here’s one of the neighborhood snowplows that our friends called an “auger”.

Donner Lake State Park

Our Donner Lake cross country ski expedition – a couple days after a big snowfall.